The Project

Obiettivo3 aims to teach and spread the practice of sport among people with disabilities, who are still a category heavily disadvantaged by high costs and, above all, by difficulties in getting started.

Every able-bodied individual who approaches sport follows a known course, but for a person with a disability to do so they must first acquire an aid, whose technology depends closely on the person’s capacities.

Practising any Paralympic discipline successfully is always based on the ability to respond effectively to this key question.

How it works

O3 applicants will have the opportunity to meet with our team of experts, who will be able to point them in the right direction in sport. Often, those who approach Paralympic sport lack the appropriate knowledge and do so in the wrong way, choosing and perhaps purchasing an unsuitable aid.

The first meeting will therefore address these fundamental questions:
– which sport would you like to practise?
- do you need a handbike or other technical equipment?
– what would hypothetically be your category?
– with your form of disability, what is the most suitable discipline for you?

Only after answering these questions will we be able to bring people closer to the goals of the project, and our wish is to be there for all those who ask us for help.


We want to approach and involve as many people as possible in every form of sporting discipline, by visiting Spinal Centres, Hospitals, Sports Centres and above all through your self-nominations.
Identifying A Path
Our staff and our Information & Support Centre are ready to assist you and answer your questions. Our sports programmes are focused on the disciplines of para-cycling, paratriathlon, athletics, wheelchair tennis and archery, but we will also try to direct you to the most suitable centre for all other disciplines.
For most of the people who contact us, the first invitation will be at the recruitment events we regularly organise, where trials and practical tests are held. Each applicant will discuss with our experts their sporting programme and, if necessary, will be provided with the equipment to continue training at home or at the chosen introduction centre.
Each applicant supported by our initiative will be assessed and provided with the necessary information to start training independently at home or at the chosen sports centre. Thanks to digital technology, progress will be monitored in a timely manner and, periodically, we will meet to take stock and record progress. Rewarding commitment and supporting those who deserve it is our ambition.

The Disciplines


You have the option to receive all the equipment and tools essential for practising your chosen discipline, free loan.
Our trainers will welcome you at recruitment events for an initial sport assessment.
Customised Database Creation
We keep monitoring your training, progress and physical condition, even remotely.
Customised Training
We plan a simplified training programme tailored to your initial abilities that will be updated according to your progress.