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We can’t and won’t be there for everyone indiscriminately. The difficult task we have set ourselves is to understand who truly needs just the equipment to fulfil their passion. For many others, we can still be helpful with advice from our experience.

Well, first you will have to learn how to train, then you will decide for yourself; you will probably do it close to home, or at an association.

It depends on who you are, your physical condition, and above all, what your goals are!

We have made a commitment until the 2020 season, but we hope to continue indefinitely; if you bring dedication and passion, we aim to stay with you for as long as we can.

Of course! We want to introduce as many people as possible to sport; we want to pave the way for them, spark their interest and support them in their first steps. This is our way of getting everyone to apply.
Then, the goal is to find three or more athletes to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Games. This would be amazing and an added bonus, but the sense of what we are trying to do remains, even without it.

In our first meeting we’ll get to know each other, understand what applicants are interested in, as well as their technical and physical aptitude to any sporting activity. A medical examination is not necessary at this stage.
At a later stage, however, each aspiring athlete will have to undergo a sports medical examination at the local health authority closest to where they live. This is required to receive the sports licence necessary to compete.

Let’s be clear, we won’t hold your hand for everything. Our job is to meet you, make you interested, show you the best path for you and address any setbacks that may prevent you from reaching your goals; but the bulk of the work is yours to do. It will be your right to get results based solely on your effort.

Our operations centre will be the location for the first meeting, then it’ll remain a place that is always open to you to train, for check ups, or simply to hang out.

It depends. For group activities you have to travel to a facility with others and sometimes that can be complicated. The investment we are making in cycling is because, besides being a beautiful sport, it’s very easy to practice. The road is our training field. We only need roads with little traffic and for many people those are right around the corner.
We have a network of contacts that will help us find a support structure for each applicant close to where they live, if any.

We have a network of contacts that will make it easier for us to find a support structure for each applicant close to where they live, if any.

The point of finding a support association is precisely this. We’ll also seek contact with clubs that can encourage their athletes to join ours in training. Cycling in a group increases motivation, motivates each other and also increases safety because in a group we’re more visible on the road and protected from traffic hazards.

It won’t be us who decide, but the head coaches of the various sports disciplines in which our athletes will compete based on their results.

The same as everyone: with effort, taking a leave of absence or a holiday, hoping to be able to count on the cooperation of an employer who is supportive of what you are trying to do. In short, “God helps those who help themselves!”

Granted that it’s a bit early to think about qualifying for the Paralympic Games, let’s dream a little: usually, the year before the Games, people already know who’s likely to participate, but the definitive confirmation comes only when the relevant Federation sends the invitations, and this usually happens only a couple of months before the start of the Paralympics.

To start with, you can try your hand at all those that you’re interested in and have an aptitude for. You can compete in the Games in several disciplines. For example, some have competed in both Cycling and Triathlon and managed to win a medal in both, but that’s a rare occurrence, if not a one-off.

In exchange for the equipment we give you, we don’t ask for results, but just for commitment and passion. So no, if an athlete wants to continue with the sport, that’s enough for us.

We’ll establish together what’s really needed; as a guide, after the first introduction and where applicants have not selected their own coach or a different association that can follow them, we meet every four to six months as a minimum to review the programme, but that can be done by phone or online, even on a daily basis.