The night before the 2016 Paralympics in Rio, Alex Zanardi looked back on his life, his sporting career, and realised once again how life had dealt him a hard hand, but also given him many opportunities that not everyone gets.

His desire to share, to be reborn, to be able to let others experience the same thrills made him want to give an opportunity to and support those who would like to participate in sport but aren’t able to. Thanks to Obiettivo3 and those who have supported Alex Zanardi from the start, today his idea is a reality throughout the country.


We want to generate curiosity, create interest and involve people directly to ignite a passion in as many disabled people as possible and lead them onto a sporting career. We will always be present and available to the athletes, sharing the experience we have gained over the years as professional sportspeople. But that’s not all: we also want to be there to support them financially because, unfortunately, very often even the mere purchase of a sports aid is an insurmountable barrier.



Alessandro Zanardi

Athlete - Founder

Barbara Manni

Marketing And Communication Manager
Piero Dainese

Piero Dainese

Sporting Director

Fabrizio Caselli

``Sport No Limits Firenze`` - Introduction To Rowing And Cycling Tutor

Piero Amati

``Sport No Limits Firenze`` - Introduction To Sport Coordinator - Spinal Unit Florence

Piero Alberto Buccoliero

“Sport No Limits Firenze” - Introduction To Sport Tutor - “Asd Canottieri Firenze”

Francesco Chiappero

Physical Trainer - ``Movimento è Vita``

Stefano Volpe

Content And Social Media Manager
Stelios Paterakis

Stelios Paterakis